When I’m not at my day job, odds are pretty good I’m either playing a PC game or developing one. I’ve been an avid gamer just about all my life, probably starting with the family’s Intellivision, continuing to the Atari and the Sega Genesis, and I finally found my home on the PC. I started out somewhat casually playing a handful of games like Starcraft and Deus Ex, but it turned much more serious in college where I discovered Warcraft III and LAN parties. College not only got me much more interested in playing games, but it also got me into the wide world of creating games.

Video games are interesting beasts, because they demand so many different disciplines: 3D programming, artificial intelligence, networking, scripting, the list goes on. But wait, that’s only half of it. Today’s games also require enormous artistic skills – everything from visuals, to writing, to sound and music. Now, I freely admit I am a geek. I thoroughly enjoy writing graphics pipelines and pathfinding algorithms, but I have always needed to Windows Button+D every now and then and pick up a sketchbook or work on my latest literary endeavor. Game Development is the ultimate blending of pretty much everything I enjoy doing.

Which leads us to this page.

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