Here are a few of the games, tech demos, and other 3D-related applications I have created.

Zulu Hour screenshot

Zulu Hour is my first commercial game, a classic top-down shooter. I had the privilege of working with two extremely talented artists, and it is currently on sale on Xbox Live Indie Games. Click here for more information.
Raytraced spheres with reflection
My Graduate project at RIT was a real-time raytracer using nVidia CUDA technology. If you know what that means, you may be interested in reading my paper or checking out the source code.
Image coming soon
Golisano Gombat is a game I co-created with a team of four programmers in 2D Graphics Programming at RIT in a span of 10 weeks. It was designed to be a classic-style fighter (think Street Fighter), but featuring professors and students from RIT’s Golisano College. We used DiirectX 9.0c for our graphics API. I was heavily involved with the game coding, including graphics, animation, the fighting system, etc. Unfortunately, at this time the SDK is required to play (preferably December 2006). Click here to download the source.