OQS is a database-driven Order/Quote System designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It was written because there are surprisingly few applications of its kind, forcing many companies to use Microsoft Word or Excel templates. While this may get the job done, there is nothing dynamic about creating your forms this way. For example, say your company has 1,000 sales items. When creating a quote, the operator probably has to go find each line item and manually fill out the SKU, description, price, etc. Worse yet, many companies have more than one source of sales items, making looking up each one cumbersome at best. And the same goes with customer information when looking up addresses, telephone numbers, etc. With OQS, you can easily import all your items and customers once, and from then on OQS will auto-complete all fields for you. If this sounds like that could help your company, read on!


  • Auto-Completion – After importing sales lists and/or customer information, the forms will almost write themselves. Just type the first couple characters of a given field, and a popup will show a list of suggestions (similar to Google’s search bar). However, unlike Google, upon selecting a suggestion, all related fields will be filled in.
  • Dynamic Learning – In addition to imported data, OQs will also remember any information you manually enter, using it for future suggestions.
  • Easily Import Your Data – OQS imports from the widely used .CSV format, meaning you can easily import from Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and many other programs.
  • Secure – OQS does not use a centralized database – each installation has its own data. This has several advantages:
    • Every salesperson/user can have his/her own data. Many times a salesperson will have a specific list of customers, so all suggestions made by OQS will be relevant to the user.
    • No extra installation required. Since there is no central database, no extra server configuration is necessary. OQS comes in a single .exe – one installation and you’re done!
    • No server means no part of OQS is exposed to the Internet, so security is a non-issue. This also mean you don’t need an Internet connection to use it. Travelling salespeople can write orders and quotes anywhere.
  • PDF Support – Export forms to .pdf format for simple transportability. OQS can also print and email forms.
  • Searchable – All forms are searchable by type, date, reference ID, customer, and more.


Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32- or 64-bit)


Coming soon!


Every company is different, thus OQS may need to be tweaked to suit your needs. Contact me at mikeallgyer@handsfreeprogramming.com to discuss how OQS can help you!