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What is NoMoreTubeSocks?

NoMoreTubeSocks is much like a gift registry you would create for a wedding, except you can use it for any occassion and any store. You can view people's public lists by using the search option on the top of the site. However, to create your own lists, or to view people's private lists, you must register. Registering also allows you to see what items have already been bought.

Why am I asked to assign a permission when I create a new list?

Assigning a permission to your gift lists lets you limit who can view your lists. Making a list public means anybody can view it; using permission 'Private' means only Buddies with the corresponding (or 'Special') permission can view it. For lists you only want specific users to view (significant other?), you can use the 'Special' permission.

You can also use the 'Restricted' privilege, which means no one but you can view it. This is good if you want to keep track of items for your personal use.

Why am I asked to assign a permission when I approve a buddy?

When a user adds you to as a buddy, you must approve them before they can view any of your private lists. Assigning them a privilege dictates which of your lists they can view. Each privilege includes the previous, so the 'Private' privilege includes all 'Public' lists, and all 'Special' privileges include the other two.

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